Another Way to Say Hello

Emily Vizzo

Fall 2017

For breakfast I have filled

a pan with coconut oil &

trembling petunias, that tobacco

cousin that I now season w/ the underside

of nothing. The scent of night?

Gone. You can’t mix petunias

w/ petunias. It’s daytime now,

birdsong clanging at the window

& the ocean tripping over itself

like a lime-green staircase.

I’m handing you a word, it’s

“circumference,” & you catch

my drift immediately. Circumference

hula-looping your lips. The private

garden of your sternum bare.

Emily Vizzo’s chapbook Giantess is forthcoming from YesYes Books in 2018, and her novel is represented by Frances Goldin Literary Agency in New York. She is based in California

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