Mosul Lives: Verbatim Poems

Alana Marie Levinson-LaBrosse

Winter 2018

I work for Kashkul, a research and arts collaborative at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS). There, with regional and international scholars and artists, I participate in Mosul Lives, a project that gathers stories of daily life in Mosul. In April 2017, as the last Islamic State (Daesh) fighters dug into Mosul’s Right Bank, we traveled to the newly liberated areas, as well as to camps for the recent waves of internally displaced people, mostly lifelong residents of Mosul.

Alana Marie Levinson-LaBrosse is a poet, translator, and researcher who lives and works in Iraq. Her next book, translations of Abdulla Pashew’s poetry, is forthcoming from Phoneme Media.

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