The Rent Manual

Sidik Fofana

Fall 2017

days left: 10 . . . money you got: $0 . . . money you need: $350

The slip is gonna come in the mail like it do every month, with the Lysol and the save-the-children envelope lookin regular as hell. It’s gonna have your name, Michelle A. Sutton, on it. And it’s gonna say balance. And it’s gonna say when the balance due: first of the month. They hiked your rent up one hunnit dollars. They said they was gonna do it and they didn’t lie.

Read the slip to yourself.

Scream, Shit, then stub your toe on the kitchen table.

The old man in 14C gonna hit the wall.

Hit the wall back.

Sidik Fofana received an MFA from NYU and teaches high school in Brooklyn. His first published story, “The Okiedoke,” appeared in the Winter 2017 Sewanee Review.

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