• All of This Is Magic Against Death

    Annie Woodford

    Summer 2018

    Frank Stanford

    All in a summer’s day
    mangy kittens
    with cross-eyed faces
    the mama cat has an overbite
    brothers and sisters
    breeding each other
    the black one sleeps
    with the gray one’s tail
    curled around his face
    the kids are in the rec room
    playing Lynyrd Skynyrd
    with reggae riffs
    Mama’s hands shot
    from chopping
    boxes of onions
    kneading bread
    tearing open ten thousand
    packages of chicken legs
    but here she is
    opening cans of peaches
    cans of corn
    she’s gonna feed everyone
    there’s a rabbit out back
    in a chicken-wire cage
    once it got away
    the little kids chased it
    some skint their knees
    they practice kissing
    in the trampoline
    sweat all salt no spunk yet

    Annie Woodford’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in the Greensboro Review, the Southern Review, Nashville Review, Prairie Schooner, and elsewhere. In 2017 she was awarded the Graybeal-Gowen Prize for Virginia Poets and was the Rona Jaffe Foundation Poetry Scholar at Bread Loaf Writers Conference. Her first collection is forthcoming from Groundhog Poetry Press.

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