• Autumn Day

    Karen Solie

    Fall 2019

    We queue to manage the balances of what we’re owed
    to what we owe, orderly as souls in private panic before the Judgment,
    shuffling our documents as though judgment weren't already written
    in the Cloud. From the shop adjacent wafts the incense
    of coffee and the vulgar muffins, overstuffed as geese
    with funnels down their throats, truly the muffins of a culture on the brink
    of steep decline. To be no longer working means differently to you
      and me,
    to those of us who will not walk, as in the promotional literature,

    Karen Solie’s most recent book of poetry, The Caiplie Caves, was published this spring in Canada, the US, and the UK. She lives in Toronto.

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