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    Heather McHugh

    Summer 2018

    It’s time to go to bed.
    Like it or lump it, my brother loved to say.
    Far harder than embracing relatives

    is treating them with the respect
    of adequate remove, as relatives in some
    adventure never close enough

    to breed familiarity (for every
    one of us is strange).
    We err in having

    too much time to bear, without
    resorting to a zoom, descending
    to a delve, or changing time markings

    ourselves—then calling it a change in all
    eternity. (The rate will always have a ticker in it,
    and the speed of light an eye—we’re blind

    to our own frames).

    And equally we err in having
    far too little time to leave
    the instances unlumped.
    Each errs (what’s more)
    in her self-styling:
    One in a million means

    too many things.

    Heather McHugh lives on the Olympic Peninsula. She taught at the University of Washington for thirty years, and continues to take students occasionally through the MFA program at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina.

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