• Continental Drift Theory

    Donika Kelly

    Summer 2020

    For two nights we slept
    as two people who were once
    in love: our bodies

    settled into one another,
    our skin quiet. No quickening,
    only habit, and sleep hard come.

    Our first farewell, said
    without knowing, drowned
    by our delight, shared and singular,

    in what surrounded us:
    the otter smashing some meal
    against the pilings;

    the little red crabs
    sweeping backward
    under the boardwalk;

    the line of pelicans
    cutting low above the harbor.

    Donika Kelly is the author of Bestiary (Graywolf 2016), winner of the Cave Canem Poetry Prize and longlisted for the National Book Award. She teaches at St. Bonaventure University.

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