• G Is for Genius

    Jennifer Habel

    Winter 2017

    A single bite from the center of each of six lamb chops
    was Einstein’s dinner.

    He did not like fat.
    Or waste.

    He gave the remainders to his sister, his daughter,
    his lover . . .

    His lover’s husband was, like Einstein, a gentle man.
    A sculptor, Russian, he worked

    on West 8th, though, like Einstein, lived
    in the immensity of the cosmos.

    He made swan-shaped chairs, dwarves
    taking tea, wooden boxes with wooden keys,

    saints and girls and nudes. A child full of wonder,
    recalled his model. A saint

    seeing the macrocosm in every tiny piece of life. While she posed
    a mouse stood on her shoe.

    For Einstein’s lover’s husband fed them.
    He fed the cockroaches, too.

    Jennifer Habel is the author of Good Reason, winner of the Stevens Poetry Manuscript Competition. Her poems have appeared in the Believer, Gulf Coast, the Massachusetts Review, the Southeast Review, and elsewhere.

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