• Great American Discoveries

    Caki Wilkinson

    Spring 2020

    a found poem

    Alabama Woman Finds Message from 1982 in Diet Sunkist Bottle
    Alaska Woman Finds Valet Ticket Describing Her as Fat
    Arizona Woman Finds Gray Pigeon Dressed to Impress
    Arkansas Woman Finds Diamond at State Park
    California Woman Finds Frog in Salad Box, Keeps It as Pet
    Colorado Woman Finds 8.25-Carat Diamond at Arkansas Park
    Connecticut Woman Searches for Child, Finds Parrot
    Delaware Woman Finds Drunk Student Sleeping in Her Bed
    Roach Finds Home in Ear of Florida Woman
    Georgia Woman Finds Help for OCD
    Hawaii Woman Finds World’s Heaviest Avocado
    Idaho Woman Finds Joy Racing Sled Dogs with Family
    Illinois Woman Finds Radioactive Material While Cleaning Basement
    Indiana Woman Finds Growing Business in Art of Face-Painting
    Iowa Woman Finds Peace, Serenity and Small Business in Lavender Field
    Kansas Woman Finds Passion in Making Cheese
    Kentucky Woman Finds Class Ring of Doctor’s Deceased Mother
    Louisiana Woman Finds Naked Intruder in Her Tub, Eating Cheetos
    Maine Woman Finds Two-Headed Baby Snapping Turtle
    Maryland Woman Finds Marijuana in Order of Fries
    Massachusetts Woman Finds Out She’s in Labor After Going to Hospital/p>

    Caki Wilkinson is the author of the poetry collections Circles Where the Head Should Be (2011) and The Wynona Stone Poems (2015).  New poems have appeared in or are forthcoming in the New Yorker, the Nation, the Yale Review, and Kenyon Review. She lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

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