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    Heather McHugh

    Spring 2018

    So much appears
    Unfit for poetry. To rage about

    The insular, to croon about
    the moon. Romances

    of the narrow mind, instead
    of studies of serious bedrock

    or adventures on a
    sea. At school the rule is always

    getting hackneyed, an inevitable skit
    laugh-tracked with advertising jokes; the heart

    cannot go out, consigned to our
    accessoried electives. Nor can mind.

    Let's set the lot of them adrift, kick
    kids across an ocean at sixteen,

    to work at wonder, somewhere, well
    before they're fully glazed, committed

    to positions moralist or borrowist or authorized
    by fashion. Let's let them fly, or float, or

    fathom anything, and in the process
    find themselves immersed. Not fretting

    over first, or fast, or

    Heather McHugh lives on the Olympic Peninsula. She taught at the University of Washington for thirty years, and continues to take students occasionally through the MFA program at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina.

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