• Horse Chestnuts

    William Logan

    Summer 2017

    The hard-polish, bank-floor
    sheen of horse chestnuts
    fall after fall showered us

    with naval mines
    fertile in the gloom,
    each erotic as a Madonna

    or the rosary beads of nuns.
    My shrine lay deep in the closet
    as the trees refused their vintage,

    leaves baked in winter’s air.
    In the dawn of March,
    I opened that armory

    to a spring moldy with verdigris.

    William Logan’s new book of poetry, "Rift of Light," will be published by Penguin in October. His book of new readings of canonical poems, "Shelley's Wrinkled Lip, Smith's Gigantic Leg," will be published next spring by Columbia University Press.

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