• J Is For Judgment

    Jennifer Habel

    Spring 2017

    Father came to-day Father went
    home to-day Father’s tremendously tall

    Father’s always so just Father
    really lets me do anything I like

    Father gave me a splendid parasol
    with a flowered border

    Father knows nearly all languages
    even Czech Father was in

    a towering rage Father has a
    new tweed suit which becomes him

    splendidly Father was awfully jolly
    and we pelted one another with pine-cones

    In most things Father is
    justice itself Father laughed Father laughed

    heartily I was in such a temper
    and then Father said, “Come, come,

    you little witch, cool your wrath”
    Father always calls me “Little Witch”

    (I don’t much like it
    when other people are there)

    Father says that that is awfully silly
    and no longer suitable Father won’t let us

    sit in the hall alone I can’t think why
    Father said, “Poor little witch

    it’s very lonely for you now”
    Father never cries

    A beard suits Father and I can’t imagine
    him without Father says

    I was born under a lucky star
    Father has been made Appeal Court Judge

    I should have liked awfully to ask Father
    a lot more but I did not dare

    Jennifer Habel is the author of Good Reason, winner of the Stevens Poetry Manuscript Competition. Her poems have appeared in the Believer, Gulf Coast, the Massachusetts Review, the Southeast Review, and elsewhere.

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