• Nocturne

    Austen Leah Rosenfeld

    Winter 2018

    At night, the windows in our house
    become mirrors, as if to say
    what happens here will keep on happening.
    I press my face to the glass
    and see
    black trees, black sky, the moon like a pocket
    turned inside out.
    Below, I hear
    a howl, which means our mother is dreaming
    with her eyes open
    again. I don’t go downstairs after dark
    but sometimes
    I talk to God from my bedroom.
    His voice sounds
    like pink and blue buds opening inside of me,
    like singing bruises.

    Austen Leah Rosenfeld received an MFA from Columbia University. Her poems have appeared in Salmagundi, Zyzzyva, AGNI, Indiana Review, Narrative, Carolina Quarterly, and elsewhere.

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