• In the Nursery

    Ange Mlinko

    Summer 2020

    “My mother always said we wear our dreams—all living things”
    —Robin Robertson



    Just now I go out and almost faint:
    the moon waxing full (you can see
    through windows in the clouds).
    Where the statue of a saint
    in old neighborhoods would be
    are mulch, and rocks, and clods

    of manufactured dirt without
    a human face, or facsimile thereof,
    to familiarize the plot. Yet perfume
    hangs in the air: a whiff of doubt.
    It is the Don Juan, the rose of love
    (or something like) making a room,

    Ange Mlinko’s most recent collection of poetry is Distant Mandate (2017). She is a professor of English at the University of Florida. 

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