• P is for Pedestal

    Jennifer Habel

    Spring 2017

    I wore a white leotard in that part,
    which is the most exposed
    that you can get, a white
    leotard and nothing
    else. And then there
    was the short, tight,
    fluffy, white tutu,
    enhancing everything
    and hiding nothing,
    the white flowered
    bikini top and bottom.
    He dressed me in
    white for twenty years.
    I realized that I could
    leave the stage only on
    the stage. The curtain
    rose again and again,
    and I was showered
    with white roses.

    Jennifer Habel is the author of Good Reason, winner of the Stevens Poetry Manuscript Competition. Her poems have appeared in the Believer, Gulf Coast, the Massachusetts Review, the Southeast Review, and elsewhere.

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