• Points of Clarification

    Major Jackson

    Fall 2020

    And though I say here sorrow beguiles me
         I lose no sleep;
    and though I say our country’s journey is one long rigmarole 
         its villages and ridges are succulent and sweet;
    and though I say here “Watch me now! Watch me!”
         truly I’m shy as stage curtains, demure as tiny cups of espresso;
    and though I quote Wordsworth, Zagajewski, and Dao 
         I come from gunshots and beatdowns, raw and dirty:
      The day was mild, the light was generous;
    and though I’ve said in the past: I wear / September on my face, /
    hich is eternal, I treasure, too, June mornings soaked
         in song, July’s fevered cauldron wilting us like seared spinach; 

    Major Jackson is the author of A Beat Beyond: Selected Prose of Major Jackson edited by Amor Kohli. He is the Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Chair in the Humanities at Vanderbilt University.

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