• Pyrite

    Mary Ruefle

    Winter 2018

    I can really see Christ standing
    in the glass kitchen, having a glass
    of orange juice. But what he does
    next I do not know. Does he say
    the world is ugly and people are sad?
    Is he fond of quoting Creation?
    The view from the house is simple
    and gorgeous, a long gold meadow
    ending in a stand of birches.
    Beyond that is anybody’s guess.
    My guess being as good as anybody’s
    I’d say there was a lake beyond the trees
    where the trout turn to drink
    as they sometimes do in their tiredness.
    Yes, I can see him standing in the glass
    house with the OJ sweet on his lips
    and the view as good as it gets,
    as far as it goes. Let’s leave him there,
    for we have jobs to do and places to be
    beyond the imagination.

    Mary Ruefle is the author of, most recently, Dunce. She is the recipient of numerous honors, including the 2017  Aiken Taylor Award in Modern American Poetry.

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