• S Is For Shame

    Jennifer Habel

    Spring 2017

    If a child needs a band-aid and his mother doesn’t have one
    Jane has one. It is deep

    in the zippered compartment of her purse, its wrapper
    worn as an old dollar.

    Matches, bottle opener, tweezers, ibuprofen.
    Nail file, bug spray, chapstick, sunblock.

    Jane never did buy the tool to break
    her sinking car’s window.

    Whatever happened to her swiss army knife
    with all its clever integrity?

    Simone’s dad is early
    for Ballet pickup.

    Jennifer Habel is the author of Good Reason, winner of the Stevens Poetry Manuscript Competition. Her poems have appeared in the Believer, Gulf Coast, the Massachusetts Review, the Southeast Review, and elsewhere.

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