• Seven Sonnets

    Olena Kalytiak Davis

    Spring 2019

    these now my glass now that my glass repels
    these my fair my form and my reflection
    my Two platonic forms they in spring myself
    in autumn morn mourning my perfection
    what triumph at what cost
    did not grasp the what to whom contracted
    but seeing plain that that i by winning lost
    graceful transfer now must be accepted
    having had these my having have now
    look at them drenched in brightest shadow
    they light my most ridiculous sorrow
    once beauty had now my beauties follow
    what but this envoy have i left to send
    having rubbed off me it stuck on lovely them

    Olena Kalytiak Davis's most recent collection is The Poem She Didn't Write and Other Poems (Copper Canyon Press). She lives and practices law in Anchorage, Alaska.

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