• The Lens of Porcelain

    Rebecca Wolff

    Winter 2018

    For example,
    one of many lenses
    one of many ways
    to look.
    An idea I brought to bear
    and it failed
    or with some degree of success
    it “worked”
    tentacle magic
    it materially
    the condition it wrapped around
    Is this your wake-up call, over
    and over and
    wake up again
    and wake up again
    and wake up
    opening the lid
    it’s not the same lid
    every time
    the lid
    is a little different.
    It wrapped around
    a space that was a
    context, unconditioned:
    likeness of daffodil. Discriminating
    or making a hierarchy
    is just the beginning
    of our shared

    Rebecca Wolff is the author of four collections of poetry, most recently One Morning[Symbol] (Wave Books, 2015), and a novel, The Beginners (Riverhead Books, 2011). She is the editor of Fence, and lives in the Hudson Valley, where she is a fellow at the New York State Writers Institute at the University at Albany.

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