• The Other Side

    Glyn Maxwell

    Spring 2018

    The other side said things the other side would say
    because they’re them they gathered here last Saturday
    and good luck finding them they’ve vans they’re miles away.

    The other side took everything we know is true
    and twisted it and why they pull the shit they do
    we cannot fathom friend it’s why we’re asking you.

    The other side must hate us why would anyone
    we’re angels we mean well we have a battle on
    if they can’t see our wings all fucking hope is gone.

    The big old thing we serve has got its big old head
    in both its big old hands and all the big old dead
    we’ve spoken to are down with what we’ve always said.

    The other side are lost we’ll do our level best
    to guide them for unlike their kind our kind are blessed
    by that same big old thing we serve you know the rest.

    In case you don’t the song we sing the night we ride
    the flag we fly the stars are out the water’s wide
    to be like us our fathers’ fathers’ fathers died.

    If life has nights enough to meet the other side
    we’ll wait that long the pot is whistling get inside
    my friend if friend you are I hope so you decide.

    Glyn Maxwell’s recent books of poetry include Pluto and One Thousand Nights and Counting: Selected Poems. He lived in Massachusetts and New York between 1995 and 2006, and was poetry editor at the New Republic from 2002 to 2007. He now lives in London and teaches at The Poetry School.

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