• That Time Is A Refining Fire

    Shane McCrae

    Spring 2021

    As Earth began with first each few

    Ten million years then hundred thousand then

    Ten thousand  thousand  hundred ten and now

    Each week  almost each day began

    To seem like Heaven more  like heaven in his eyes

    The hastily assembled angel more

    Slowly as time moved forward seemed at least

    To move  things changed and time  seemed to be there

    Somewhere between the insides of and out-

    side changing things  and each new generation

    Of human beings saw most familiar  things replaced and most

    How else  could they survive the angel

    Shane McCrae is the author of the poetry collections The Many Hundreds of the Scent and Cain Named the Animal: Poems as well as a memoir, Pulling the Chariot of the Sun. He lives in New York City and teaches at Columbia University.

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