• A Tortoise

    Paul Muldoon

    Summer 2019

    Try telling a dramatist the sky’s the limit
    when an eagle has let fall a tortoise onto his bare skull.
    Now Aeschylus will expire
    without the opportunity to develop his skill
    in single combat
    or master basic hero-feats.
    However emotionally detached,
    a tortoise had it within it to be the sound box of a lyre
    improvised by my friend, Joseph, in a last-ditch
    effort to rise above the Gulag.
    Given the Portuguese regained the fortress at Almeida
    after the Treaty of Paris
    it’s clear not every outcome is dire.

    Paul Muldoon's new collection of poems, Frolic and Detour, is due to be published in September. His most recent books are Selected Poems 1968-2014, 2016, and Sadie and the Sadists, 2017.

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