• A Tribute to Wyatt Prunty

    Leah Stewart

    Fall 2019

    When I first came to the Sewanee Writers’ Conference in 1995, I was twenty-one, halfway through an MFA program, and so awed by the other writers I could barely bring myself to speak. It amazes me, looking back, that the Conference was actually a fairly recent creation, Wyatt Prunty having started it only six years before. In Wyatt’s own telling, he was a newly arrived faculty member at Sewanee when administrators sought his advice on how best to make use of a legacy from Tennessee Williams, left “for the purposes of encouraging creative writing and creative writers.” The Conference was born fr...

    Leah Stewart, the incoming director of the Sewanee Writers’ Conference, is the author of six novels. She teaches at the University of Cincinnati.

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