• At Twilight the Signs Shine With a Remote Light

    D. Nurkse

    Summer 2020

    You might fall in love with one of the moments, and follow her through the leafy streets of Jugtown, pausing sometimes to give a coin to a panhandler, or pat a mangy dog, to give yourself plausibility.

    She is just a moment, your mother says, scraping a cauterized yolk from the skillet with the edge of the spatula. She won’t last, your father says, looking up from the dictionary, where he’s memorizing synonyms. There are a million like her, says your little sister, standing on tiptoe before the full-length mirror. Your uncle just clears his throat.

    D. Nurkse’s latest book is A Country of Strangers, a collection of new and selected poems from Knopf.

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