• When Early Dawn Revealed Her Rose-Red Hands

    Katy Didden

    Spring 2021

    On hearing Emily Wilson discuss why she varied the epithet for Dawn in her translation of the Odyssey

    A woman splits the root of rosy-fingered
    into weathers. Over the hero,

    the sky’s alive. Now the reader
    can step inside the story the way we step

    without our bodies into memory
    and deduce—from the way light moves,

    from the shade of red—a good place to hide.
    A shifting light sharpens the scene.

    I see what she means—how the women
    Telemachus hanged were not like birds

    in the sense centuries of men translated
    as “less-than-human,” but in how they aimed

    for home.

    Katy Didden is the author of The Glacier’s Wake (Pleiades Press, 2013). A former Hodder fellow at Princeton University, she is currently an Assistant Professor at Ball State University.

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