The Sewanee Review honors the best work published in the magazine’s pages every year with five awards. The Tate, Lytle, and Spears Prizes are named for distinguished former editors of the Sewanee Review; the Heilman and Sullivan Awards are named for longtime contributors to and friends of the magazine. Each winner receives five hundred dollars.


The Allen Tate Prize for the best poem published in 2018 is awarded to Erin Adair-Hodges for "When I Say Jesus Was My Boyfriend" (Summer issue).


The Andrew Lytle Prize for the best story published in 2018 is awarded to Lisa Taddeo for “Beautiful People” (Summer issue).


The Monroe K. Spears Prize for the best essay published in 2018 is awarded to Alexander Chee for "The Autobiography of My Novel" (Spring issue).


The Robert B. Heilman Award for the best review published in 2018 is awarded to Justin Taylor for “Close to the Bone: Mary Robison Reconsidered” (Fall issue).


And the Walter Sullivan Award, given to a promising writer in any genre, is awarded to Austen Leah Rosenfeld for “Nocturne" (Winter issue) and "Instructions" (Fall issue).

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