• 1899 | The Dress

    Claudia Prado translated by Rebecca Gayle Howell

    Summer 2020


    in the bright morning
    between the outbuildings
    the worker’s laugh
    slices the cold air

    The boss talks only
    to the horses

    Two boys drag
    their mounts of wool
    and leather in the dirt,
    whispering They are
    not yet students of cruelty
    or imitation

    They smile
    Soon, they will all ride
    away, made small
    Around the house,
    among the poplars:
    the horizon, again
    A perfect circle

    Claudia Prado was born in Argentinian Patagonia and currently lives in Jersey City, New Jersey. She is the author of three books of Spanish-language poetry: El interior de la ballena, which received the bronze Concurso Régimen de Fomento a la Producción Literaria Nacional y Estímulo a la Industria Editorial del Fondo nacional de las Artes; Viajar de noche; and the forthcoming Primero. At present, she facilitates Spanish-language creative writing workshops for numerous immigrant organizations in New York and New Jersey and is a current Fellow of Utopian Practice at Culture Push (New York), awarded for boundary-pushing, interdisciplinary, and socially engaged artwork.

    Rebecca Gayle Howell is Poetry Editor for Oxford American and the author of two critically-acclaimed collections, American Purgatory and Render/An Apocalypse. Among her awards are fellowships from United States Artists, the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, and the Carson McCullers Center. She lives in the town where she was born, Lexington, Kentucky.

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