• The Conglomerate

    Mr. George Core, the longest-serving editor in the history of the Sewanee Review, passed away on October 14, 2023.

    Fiction, Online Feature
    Genevieve Plunkett

    At home, Mom and Dad tell us to get ready for dinner. We’re having a family talk.

    Craft Lecture
    Stephanie Danler

    For me, the urge to write lies atop a bedrock of panic.

    Mairead Small Staid

    If I write enough about time or perception or this blinkered, fragile body, will I get to have it, any of it?

    Shannon Sanders

    “Thank you, gentlemen,” said Cassandra, smiling widely at them as she pushed ahead. Excellence, indefatigableness. Inward and down.

    Shane McCrae

      Two workers, one on either side of the hole, pull

        The ladder through.

    Michelle Hart

    He was a black hole of a man. Growing up, Elle watched with envy how willingly the men and women he met got sucked in.

    Pamela Royston Macfie

    Looking back, I believe my father’s extravagance endeavored to compensate for the sorrows that haunted our family.

    Maria Zoccola

    listen, madonna, he’s worth it like a box of hot krispy kremes is worth it

    Jameson Fitzpatrick

    I’m writing you from the head of a pin, to mark it.

    I think I’m the only one dancing up here.

    Alexandra Burack

    Lucky to have learned
    that certain slant of love,
    the metal scent of doing without.

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