• Against Metaphor

    Randall Mann

    Winter 2023

    Gold is your friend
    But gold starves you
    —Alfred Starr Hamilton

    It’s absurd,
    how famished.
    The fast fashion
    of ghastly
    lit fame
    a golden age of—
    Never mind.
    The truth is
    I’ve had minor
    abstraction surgery,
    can you tell.
    Limits ago,
    the go-go boy
    in my bubble

    my receptacle,
    so we traipsed out
    to rue de Fleurus,
    Stealth Poubelle. Hell,
    say the word go
    once, and he will—
    nothing gold can. Say
    go twice
    and add a boy,
    he’ll stay if coins fly
    into a pool of drool.
    Speaking of:

    Randall Mann’s Deal: New and Selected Poems is forthcoming from Copper Canyon Press in May 2023. He lives in San Francisco.

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