• Celebrating Our Contributors


    Over the course of its one hundred and thirty-one years, the Sewanee Review has had the good fortune to publish some of America’s greatest writers. The editors have never lost sight of the fact that it is the willingness of these contributors to entrust their work with us that has made the quarterly historic. Our gratitude for this honor knows no bounds.

    —Adam Ross

    It’s been an especially exciting year for contributors of the Sewanee Review, and we are thrilled to highlight some of these remarkable achievements:

    Merrill Joan Gerber’s “Revelation at the Food Bank” and Sigrid Nunez’s “Life and Story” will appear in The Best American Essays 2023, selected by Vivian Gornick; Cherline Bazile’s “Tender” and Sara Freeman’s “The Company of Others” will appear in The Best American Short Stories 2023, selected by Min Jin Lee; Lisa Taddeo earned a 2023 O. Henry Prize for her short story “Wisconsin.”

    These works of fiction and nonfiction—which are nominated alongside some of the best in contemporary American letters—exemplify the exceptional work of our contributors, within our own pages and beyond. The Review is immensely grateful for the stewardship of the many, many writers and editors who make such achievements possible.

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