• Dreams (2)

    Dan Chiasson

    Spring 2019

     . . . and then again he was an eagle, hidden away in the branches,
    but rare, a rare sight, so liable to be seen.
    And his eagle mind now regarded his aging body with pity, since it,
    and not his mind, was what people saw.
    And they saw it every time he scaled the pines, intending to look out as from behind a shield of invisibility.
     What happened to Hibbing, Minnesota,
               they asked Dylan.
     And Dylan replied: just time.
               Time is what happened to Hibbing
    Imagine outlasting time,

    Dan Chiasson is the author of five books, including, most recently, the poetry collection Bicentennial. He teaches at Wellesley College and reviews poetry for the New Yorker.

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