• George Core: 1939-2023


    Mr. George Core, the longest-serving editor in the history of the Sewanee Review, passed away on October 14, 2023. 

    All of us here at the magazine and in Sewanee feel the magnitude of this loss, which we share with a much wider world of readers and writers who knew Mr. Core, trusted his editorial vision, and were grateful for the conversations he fostered in the pages of the Sewanee Review

    In a capacious essay on the history of this magazine, Mr. Core explained that the purpose of a quarterly like this one is to create an atmosphere that “results in a community of writers who are engaged in a common pursuit—the profession of letters.” He was unfailing and unflinching in that pursuit throughout his tenure. 

    We send our sincere condolences to Mr. Core's family, his friends, and the community of writers he sustained here on the Mountain and in the Review. We hope you will spend some time with this remembrance and celebration of his life and work: George Core, 1939-2023.

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