• How Many Days

    Christian Wiman

    Summer 2020

    How many days I wasted chasing God
    when I could have been in bed with you.

    I’m no gardener but twice I’ve tried
    planting a little patch of something
    back of the predictable.

    How many days I spent spending life
    down on my knees in that first dirt.
    Little grew, and what did tasted vaguely of tar,
    Tony’s Finer Foods, and fear.

    Christian Wiman is the author of My Bright Abyss: Meditation of a Modern Believer (FSG 2013) and He Held Radical Light: The Art of Faith, the Faith of Art (FSG 2018). His most recent books of poems are Hammer is the Prayer and Survival is a Style, both from FSG. He received the Aiken Taylor Prize in Modern Poetry from the Sewanee Review in 2016.

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