• Night Walk

    Derrick Austin

    Winter 2024

    Near the cemetery, Callery pears stink like sex.
    How many eccentric bachelors ended a line?
    Someday, I will leave in my own lavender suit.

    A drum circle pulses by the lake.
    An antiseptic moon illuminates
    sidewalks filmy with wild rose petals and pulp.

    The world smeared pleasantly like a bad Monet
    when I used to drink. I wouldn’t have heard
    these rustling cypresses making sea-sounds.

    For five years I numbed my mind:
    gin for anxiety, mornings and afternoons,
    nips from a Sprite bottle in bathroom stalls.

    “Alcohol can’t produce anything that lasts. It’s just wind,”

    Derrick Austin is the author of Tenderness (BOA Editions 2021), winner of the 2020 Isabella Gardner Poetry Award, and Trouble the Water (BOA Editions 2016).

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