Party Line, 1962

Steve Kronen

Winter 2018

Voices from a cloud,
a few gods,
two or three, insistent!
—some wrong visited on them, a crowd

of squabblers coming through the mist.
The kitchen’s
nearly dark. The cord’s
curlicued like a pig’s tail. You bend your head and listen

to their reports,
to their snorts
and justifications and you can make out—
like birds following each other in the sky—some words

of Walter Cronkite in the living room. It’s about
dinnertime. The sun’s lit the western clouds.
The birds, outlined with glory,
are making their way south.

Steve Kronen’s books are Splendor (BOA), and Empirical Evidence (University of Georgia). The poems in this issue are from a new collection, Homage to Mistress Oppenheimer, out in March from Eyewear Publishing.

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