• Planter Box Conceit

    Cate Lycurgus

    Winter 2024

    How vain, to anticipate what’s been
    sown, foretell how the buried
    will swell. Zucchini overwhelm
    the raised beds—stems straight-arm
    out with stop-sign palms—so wide, so
    deeply lobed—no companion
    can grow alongside, but—where
    are we merely asked to whelm? Under
    the foliage, blossoms tint tangerine,
    thick veins net petals’ backsides
    matching my own hands; I attest—:
    there is no squash to speak of.

    Cate Lycurgus’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Best American Poetry, American Poetry Review, Ploughshares, Kenyon Review, and elsewhere. She has also received scholarships from Bread Loaf and Sewanee Writers’ Conferences. Cate lives in San Jose, California, where she interviews for 32 Poems and teaches professional writing. You can find her at www.catelycurgus.com.

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