• The Seasons

    Michael Robbins

    Winter 2021

    The star that looks awry upon the sinner
    orients the temple. Mother Kate places
    the wafer in my hands, a story
    about a body. I read insects
    worldwide are facing Krefeld-level
    declines. Krefeld is in Germany, I
    read. Its insects declined. Tigers
    and polar bears get all the press.
    In high school I jumped the barrier
    at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to reach
    through the bars to pet a panther. He
    was sleeping and woke with a small growl
    of surprise. I hadn’t read Rilke. Now,
    I wouldn’t want to bother a panther.
    Let them out, let them eat people.
    Which brings us back to the Eucharist.
    A fly alit upon the wafer, is my point.
    It was a small part of the pantomime.
    A spider spies the fly
    with David Hedison’s head
    just before the rock
    squashes them.
    The consubstantiation
    of Jeff Goldblum
    in Cronenberg’s remake
    is slicker. I thought,
    in my childhood,
    as a child. I got lost in this
    hypostasis. If there’s one thing I know
    I can’t think of it at the moment.
    Wait, I know Gram Parsons’s friends
    stole his body after his overdose
    by posing as morticians
    at LAX. They were so nervous
    they drove the hearse
    they’d borrowed from Gram’s
    assistant’s girlfriend—
    it was the 70s—
    into the side of a hangar
    right in front of a cop. But
    the cop waved them on—it
    was the 70s—and they lit out
    for Joshua Tree, where they doused
    Gram in gas and sparked a Bic.
    My friends would blow
    the heist somehow
    but if I ever die,
    and I probably will,
    I want to be propped
    against a dumpster
    in Phoenicia, New York,
    for bears to eat. Not slathered
    in DEET for once. The black-legged
    tick sure ain’t in decline. Well,
    it’s not an insect. I hate
    very few of nature’s people.
    That tick’s at the top of the list.
    The weedy species survive.
    I like deer OK, but if you’ve seen
    a trillion, you’ve seen ’em all.

    Michael Robbins is the author of Walkman, Alien vs. Predator, and other books.

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