• At Tangled

    Rob Colgate

    Winter 2024

    We are about to host our first in-person event at the gallery
    in three years. Sam, Sachin, and I spend two hours trying
    the owl-shaped camera that will track whoever is the speaker
    and spotlight them on the synchronous livestream event.
    Rumi and Jessie are over in the corner of the office figuring out
    what food to order. After a bit, they settle on sushi.

    But I’m vegan, Alice has a feeding tube, Kevin can’t lift sushi,
    Alex is severely allergic to soy (can’t even be in the gallery),
    and then we need a side of fries just in case Leah comes out
    since she has ARFID—it’s all possible, just takes a bit of trying.
    Then, when we are prescreening the films before the event,
    we realize we need content warnings. I lean against the big speaker

    Rob Colgate (he/she/they) is a disabled, bakla, Filipino-American poet from Evanston, Illinois. He holds an MFA in poetry from the University of Texas at Austin, edits for POETRY magazine as a reader, and is poet-in-residence at Tangled Art + Disability.

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