• The Perfect Time to Walk Out of Someone's Life

    Bryce Berkowitz

    Summer 2018

    In somewhere like West Virginia. After the bakery. Before dinner feels forced.

    After a mother duck and her ducklings are threatened by a crow in a parking lot.

    Over a bowl of vegetable kurma. When you’re happier alone. After guilt or after ruin.

    Before you count their drinks, let the sunset be the sunset.

    Before you wonder where they’ve gone. When the mirror is just a mirror.

    Before you buy that motorcycle or sleep with her friend.

    Take a moment, wait for the stars and what used to be good.

    Maybe it’s easier to know what love isn’t.

    Bryce Berkowitz’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in "Best New Poets 2017," "Ninth Letter," "Third Coast," "The Pinch," "Passages North," "Hobart," "Barrow Street," "Sugar House Review," "Permafrost," "the Laurel Review," and other publications.

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