• Demarcation

    Alexandra Burack

    Fall 2023

    Third grade, beside the water fountain.
    A boy kissed me
    for the first time, then spat ugly
    girls smell like old sandwiches.
    Lucky to have learned
    that certain slant of love,
    the metal scent of doing without.

    High school graduation, basement couch.
    A girl kissed me 
    for the first time, then exhaled
    me like the spittled soot
    from an enemy’s cigarette.
    Lucky to have crushed the sear 
    of pleasure, a chrysalis under my boot. 

    Alexandra Burack is the author of On the Verge (Plinth Books). She was founding editor of Lumina and Invert and currently serves as a poetry reader for the Los Angeles Review. She is the recipient of grants from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts, as well as the Ludwig Vogelstein and Haymarket Foundations. She teaches creative writing at Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

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