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    19. Sidik Fofana

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    The Sewanee Review Podcast

    1. Garth Greenwell
    2. Melissa Febos
    3. Stephanie Danler
    4. Margaret Renkl
    5. Anna Lena Phillips Bell
    6. Edgar Kunz & Anders Carlson-Wee
    7. Paul Muldoon
    8. Erin McGraw
    9. Chris Bachelder
    10. Jennifer Habel
    11. Graham Barnhart
    12. Rebecca Wolff
    13. Caki Wilkinson
    14. Ross Gay
    15. Lisa Taddeo
    16. Nikky Finney
    17. Katie Kitamura
    18. Danielle Evans
    19. Sidik Fofana

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