• Stitchwork

    Stefania Gomez

    Summer 2023

    Where did the fabrics come from? Peonies
    on a clover wash, found at the cluttered estate
    of a dead man who’d dealt in silver. Tangerine felt
    bought with a woman who’d offered me her life.
    Nothing. Nowhere. I press together the faces
    of the scraps, align edges to sew the seam that,
    if done correctly, will never show, as is the way
    with time, the story. Twice I sew a seam
    all while I know it will be snipped in two.
    I sew like this for hours: loves I sloughed off
    like a wool, things bought and sold, friends
    who perished early. Mornings I wake in the dark
    having barely escaped some routine horror,
    the fear of which has pickled my heart
    with brilliant dye. I taught myself to sew, I think,

    Stefania Gomez is a queer writer and teacher from Chicago’s South Side who received her MFA in poetry at Washington University in St. Louis. Currently teaching at the Poetry Foundation in Chicago, she has received fellowships from the Dirt Palace, Sewanee Writers Conference, Lambda Literary, and the International Quilt Museum and is a 2023 Fulbright Research Award Grantee. Her manuscript, Redwork, is a finalist for the 2022 The Journal/ Charles B. Wheeler Poetry Prize.

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