• Wild Parsnips

    Corey Marks

    Spring 2021

    One morning, when the shadows drew back
    like sheets pulled from the summer people’s
    wintered things at the start of the season,

    not far from the wild apple tree split once
    in a lighting storm that still ripens apples,
    mealy and sour and misshapen, each fall,

    a chair stood in the middle of the clearing.
    None of us knew how the chair came to the field.
    Or who carried it there, the chair propped

    against a back bent below two elbows crooked
    high over the grasses where ticks hide in wait
    for something blood-rich to brush past,

    and over yellow flowers burst like the fireworks
    stunning themselves above the bay each Fourth
    before slipping into streamers of ash and smoke.

    Corey Marks is the author of Renunciation and The Radio Tree. He teaches at the University of North Texas.

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