• The Sewanee Conglomerate

    Named for the uppermost rock formation in Sewanee's corner of the Cumberland Plateau, the Sewanee Conglomerate is the magazine's blog. Check here for short pieces about books and current events written by SR staff and guest contributors.

    June 2023

    I don’t think we talk about personal loss—whether it’s the death of a loved one or something else—enough, and understandably so.

    May 2023

    It’s been an especially exciting year for contributors of the Sewanee Review, and we are thrilled to highlight some of these remarkable achievements on behalf of our friends.

    May 2023

    I can’t help but wonder at the fact that reliability itself has become novel.

    April 2023

    Here's what the staff has been reading during these cold, rainy days of early spring.

    April 2023

    New York City is a place where, if you don’t have a ton of money, it’s very, very hard to live, a place where the stratification of wealth is so evident, so I wanted to explore that through Nick’s experience.

    March 2023

    I always imagined that there was some ineffable quality to the produce in Puerto Rico that made sure certain dishes never tasted the same away from the island.

    February 2023

    Justice is often misread (I think) as a mostly minor, sentimental chronicler of an idealized past, but his best work, even when in recollection, captures a moment that is furiously present and not at all ideal.

    February 2023

    I am convinced it is art that frets us out of this sort of thinking and, by newly minting the world, can bolster the foundations upon which our civilization is built.

    December 2022

    This past July, the Sewanee Review held its fifth annual Fiction, Poetry, and Nonfiction contest. This year we received nearly one-thousand submissions. Today we are pleased to announce the winners.

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