• We're featuring two pieces from this issue as our double online feature: "Daisy the Whale," a story by Josie Abugov, and Jess Walter's craft essay "Finishing the Hole: On the Failure of the Novel Metaphor."

    The Conglomerate
    Huan He

    In the way that familiar words become strange when we stare at them extendedly, the singular letter can be unfaithful—to meaning, to a memory, to a friend.

    Mag Gabbert

    Falling asleep with the wasp still
    inside of this window.

    One of us is hungry.
    One of us has given up.

    Annabel Graham

    Your voice, your body, your emotions, Marina continues, these are the qualities that make up your instrument.

    María José Candela

    Midafternoon, Krishna returned to Aurora’s room. “Are you ready for Dunkler Tag tomorrow?” she asked. She was holding another injection. 

    James Davis

    A bottom should be palpable and mute / As a globed fruit.

    Alexis Cheung

    In love, whether amorous or filial, we ultimately only see, and talk to, ourselves.

    Daryl Qilin Yam

    “Hmm. I’d rather not have a choice,” she said. “I’d rather not be aware at all that I’ve gone back in time.”

    Huger Foote

    Something happens every time I return to Memphis.

    Stefania Gomez

    Twice I sew a seam
    all while I know it will be snipped in two.

    Nick Marshall

    The invitation arrives by text, lighting up a group chat that has lain quiet for two years now. A link to an Airbnb wish list of cheap houses in Georgia, near lakes. End of February/early March? Darius sends. Let me know what you think. Let’s vibe.

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