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    Garth Greenwell

    “Bartow Station” is a generous story, as most of Brinkley’s stories are, by which I mean that he allows his characters, however difficult their current circumstances, the mystery of an undetermined future.

    The Conglomerate
    Peter Kispert

    Desire frequently breaks chronological time; maybe that’s part of why this novel’s unusual structure feels so true.

    Derrick Austin

    The night is like the night in a ballad.
    I ramble in it, fearful but not helpless.

    Sonia Feigelson

    Our hotel is booked for five days. My father is giving me the space to forgive him. Space is a function of time. On vacation, days span whole lives.

    Craft Lecture
    Holly Goddard Jones

    As I have gotten to be an older and more seasoned writer, I’ve experienced a similar set of emotions as I’ve contemplated the extra rooms or Nowhere Spaces within my own prose. I’ve realized just how much of a story gets told off the page.

    Cindy Juyoung Ok

    I become
    my own guest (in mother words,

    a duty).

    Madeline Cash

    Bud took four Seconal, masturbated into a tea towel, and decided to drive the Subaru into the sea.

    Rachel Rinehart

    Row closer, my child,
    let me kiss the slip of you,
    your little body unmade
    in its making.

    Keith Leonard

    Dinner is the only time when what’s going on in your mouth is also going on in my mouth. It’s dinner and it’s kissing.



    Peter Kispert

    We got the idea for the scam from a kid who lived at the Y, where Charles and I had been staying. This was months ago, back when we were hopeless.

    Rob Colgate

    You know if the transplanted organ fails—Helen speaks
    to me earnestly, wonder in her voice—the patient can sue. She
    widens her eyes. Sue who? The dead donor? Go try it!

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